Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Indulge in the enjoyment of being close to nature, surrounded by the bush in this intimate little camp where many of the sites look straight out into the wilderness. At night, the sight of campfires burning through the darkness makes one feel right at home.

View towards the camp from the hideout at Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Leafy trees provide shade over the campsites and the ablution facilities are modern and clean. With most of the campsites being next to the fence and the others very close by, there is opportunity for game viewing 24-hours per day.


Little islands dotted around the camping grounds offer electrical points, a tap and a light to the nearest campsites at Olifantsrus Camp. Bring a long extension to give you freedom to set up camp close to the fence.

Electrical points at Campsites at Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Find the island closest to your campsite and get connected.


Communal facilities with hot and cold water are available in the communal kitchen and there is a fridge and two plate gas stove available for use by campers.

Communal kitchen facilities at Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

The kitchen facilities are modern and clean, making washing up a pleasure.


The ablution facilities provide the opportunity to properly rinse off the dust and cool off from the heat in the showers with extra-deep trays and hot and cold water.

Ablution facilities at Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Modern and clean, male and female ablutions are equipped with flush toilets.


The kiosk at reception sells wood and firelighters as well as cold drinks – the necessities of life in the bush! Coffee, tea and light meals, like toasted sandwiches are available from the kitchen.

Kiosk at Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Breakfast can also be served, please arrange with the staff the previous night if you want to order a cooked breakfast.


For those passing through Olifantsrus on their way between Okaukuejo and Galton Gate, some picnic sites are available inside the camp.

Picnic sites at Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Day visitors are allowed at the picnic sites, but just make sure not too much time is spent relaxing at this halfway point, because it is still a long way to drive to the next camp.