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Etosha National Park Accommodation Olifantsrus Camp

Olifantsrus Camp in Etosha National Park accommodation guide - Welcome to Olifantsrus Camp in Etosha National Park Namibia for all your accommodation needs. Olifantsrus Camp in Etosha National Park offers quality accommodation in Etosha National Park Namibia for holiday or business travel.




The campsite consists of 10 camp sites with a maximum group of 8 people per site. Currently, there are flat cement bases on which a fire can be built. Little islands dotted around the site offer visitors electrical power points and the bathrooms provide sufficiently for all basic needs.

A number of shaded wooden picnic spots are at hand for a quick picnic before continuing on the road, or to enjoy an early morning breakfast after a stay at the camp. All the campsites are situated close to leafy trees, ensuring a bit of mercy from the hot African sun.


Olifantsrus is Etosha’s newest camp and the first accommodation option in the park to offer a camping only experience, allowing you to feel that little bit closer to the incredible African bush all around you.

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